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Our Story

We believe in inclusive technology education and embracing diversity in our community.


Arise! Communities was founded with the goal to create a more equitable and diverse workforce in the Midwest. We're focused on establishing judgment-free, inclusive learning communities that help women and diverse people groups explore technology in new and meaningful ways.

how we're different. Unlike other coding programs, Arise! Communities focuses on adult education and addressing the many sides of technology. We see the need for exposure to all aspects of technology, not only coding and web development. We provide learning opportunities for the career switchers, the skill stretchers, the tech latecomers, and the new opportunity seekers. Our goal is to make the tech world look a little more like the real world.

Where We Want To Go. We have a big goal. To build a more equitable and diverse workforce in the Midwest through our inclusive learning opportunities. That requires full-time staff. And that takes money.

We are currently fundraising to hire our first full-time employee to take our mission to the next level. We want to offer classes more often and create more social opportunities for our community to connect. We want to quadruple our impact from last year and reach more than 200 individuals with our programming in 2021.

We also want to build additional curriculums to bring to the community. From building an Advanced course to round out our current HTML+CSS bundle, to developing new data analytics and cybersecurity tracks to broaden our scope to address the technology skills of tomorrow's workforce, we have a vision for the next phase of achieving our organizational mission.

How You Can Help. Support comes in many forms. You can help Arise! Communities by lifting up our organization and sharing our mission with your personal networks. You can help us achieve our vision by offering your time and knowledge to our curriculum development. And of course, you can grow our reach through your monetary support. 

Support Us

Support Us

Giving Levels

  • $25 helps cover administrative costs and rental  fees

  • $50 covers the cost of a class for one student

  • $75 pays for one hour of instructor compensation

  • $150 allows a student to complete a full class track

  • $500 provides three students the opportunity to complete a full class track

Corporate Giving. Are you an organization interested in exploring a corporate gifting level or sponsorship? We'd love to meet with you and share more about our mission and vision. 

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